Zapad dating

Under a Cold War-era treaty known as the Vienna document, which sets out rules for exercises, war games that number more than 13,000 troops should be open to observers who can also fly over the drills and allow them to talk to soldiers.

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However, Stoltenberg said that Russia had withdrawn its troops from Belarus after the Zapad exercises.

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NATO says there were far more troops than 12,700 and they simulated an attack on the West during August and September.

Saying they are concerned that large-scale, unannounced exercises could accidentally trigger a conflict in eastern Europe between NATO and Russia, Western allies have pressed Moscow to be clear about its military exercises and to invite more observers."The number of troops participating in the exercises significantly exceeded the number announced before the exercise, the scenario was a different one and the geographical scope was larger than previously announced," NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters after the meeting.

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