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Soccer is a popular sport in Iran with well established men’s and women’s leagues.Iranian men playing as women has plagued the female leagues in the past.When my mind became more adjusted to the street scenes around me the subtleties of Iranian women’s fashion became clearer. Heels with sparkles and bows under plain black pants there.

So many people stopped to chat and welcome us to Iran that it was hard not to feel like a bit of a celebrity.

We managed to navigate public transit in Tehran together, I didn’t have to sit on my lonesome in a women-only section.

It was all very easy actually and funny to hear our kids praise Tehran’s modern metro system.

Iranian guys seem to have adapted as well as girls: chador or not, a pretty girl is still a pretty girl worthy of a smile, a wave or at least an appreciative glance.

Personally, I don’t care whether someone observes hijab or not – so long as she has been able to make the choice whether or not to do so herself.

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