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The MQOL was designed to measure quality of life of people at all stages of a life-threatening illness.The MQOL assesses general domains applicable to all patients, incorporates the existential domain, balances physical and non-physical aspects of quality of life, and includes both positive and negative influences on quality of life.Relational coordination is unusual in the sense that it is a fully validated measure of teamwork that can be applied to unbounded teams - teams that span multiple boundaries.Measures that meet these criteria are relatively rare.For example, in a study of physician job design, the largest and most significant differences in relational coordination between the old and new physician job design were found in the ties between the physician and other members of the team, rather than among non-physician members of the team, with the biggest impact being on the physician/nurse tie.

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”, “Do people in these groups communicate with you accurately about [focal work process]?This study did find statistically significant relationships between the abridged measure of relational coordination and both psychological safety and learning from failures.However, the concept of relational coordination is more accurately captured as a network of ties. Together these dimensions form the relational coordination construct, which has been fully validated, and is associated with a wide array of performance outcomes.Respondents from each of the functions most central to the focal work process are asked to answer each of the following questions with respect to each of the other functions, with responses recorded on a five-point Likert-type scale: “How frequently do people in each of these groups communicate with you about [focal work process]?

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