Updating vba

If I need to distribute an update to the code (either a bug fix or some new function), how can that be done?

I don't want the users to have to reenter or copy/paste all their data into the 'new' workbook - I'm essentially looking for a method to update the VBA Project that's inside their existing workbook.

It’s not as fast as it used to be and it can begin to get pretty frustrating waiting a long time for your code to finish. Color = vb Black Else ' else, color the cell light gray cell. If you think about it, if there were Try this out: shrink your Excel workbook window to a smaller size and run the code again. Screen Updating = False Dim start Time As Double start Time = Timer Dim r As Excel. Range("A1: P30") Dim i As Long Dim repeat As Long Dim cell As Excel.

Please find the below example for Screen Updating Property of application object in excel VBA.Screen Updating Application Property in VBA is used to turn ON/OFF screen updating.If we set Screen Updating property to TRUE then it turns on the screen updating else turn off the screen updating. In the above syntax Application represents object and Screen Updating is the Property of Application object.Instead, we'll create another pivot table, with just the short list of cities, and use programming to change the selections in the main slicer. Follow these steps to set up the short list of cities.

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