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Once installed, it allows switches, outlets, and home-automation controls to sit flush with the wall and uses a thin, removable fascia instead of a standard wallplate.

One of the system's advantages is its versatility--it works with a wide variety of electrical and home-automation components, including Leviton and Lutron switches and outlets, Crestron and i Pad controls, and even grilles for heating and air-conditioning systems.

A collection of components that can be snapped into a mounting plate that gets skim-coated into the wall during construction, it does away with wallplates entirely.

The only visible elements remaining are small circular outlets and switches, which sit perfectly flush with the wall.

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The first is seemingly minor, but to us makes a world of difference in making a room feel new: updating outlets.

Switching out all 9 outlets – plus two switches – took me a little over an hour.

But it made the room feel a couple decades newer to our eyes (we’ve heard of folks who spray paint their outlet covers but you can’t spray the actual outlets so in our world it was worth the that we spent to update all of the covers and the outlets themselves in one long-lasting fell swoop).

That's why most designers have a range of techniques for making them less obtrusive, such as installing outlets in baseboards, using floor-mounted outlets and purchasing snap-on screwless wall plates.

But in recent years, a number of companies have introduced products that help electrical components disappear even further.

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