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To check which Air Port Base station firmware revision you currently have installed, use the following process: Toggling Air Port Extreme firmware The latest Air Port Extreme firmware version is 5.7 and this edition should be used primarily.However, the most commonly successful solution for constant Air Port Extreme dropouts is a downgrade of firmware to version 5.5.1.

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Toggling Air Port Express firmware The latest firmware edition for the Air Port Express is version 6.3, and should be used primarily.

If you’ve tried the new firmware and have any feedback to offer, please let us know in the comments.

Troubleshooting issues with wireless connectivity can be tricky.

This is a method of recovery rather than obviation, however.

Performing a hard reset of your router (including Air Port Base Stations) [Useful for: repeated dropouts, no Internet access] This is an easy workaround, an is effective in a surprisingly high number of problematic cases where Air Port Base Stations will not appear in the Air Port Admin utility or refuses to allow Internet access.

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