Stories dating in diapers

how many of us were humiliated as children, having to go to mom or dad in the middle of the night for wetting our beds? Cannot say I ever tried the diaper routine myself, and don't think it would turn me on in the least.

But I have been "nurtured" in a therapeutic setting ... and no sexual feelings that I recognized were involved, just a lot of painful memories from childhood.

But if a person cannot become aroused or cannot have an orgasm without something very specific and unusual, that is another matter. To each their own has been my motto for a long time.

Unless a man has to wear diapers for medical purposes,then the thought of it creeps me out.But I politely declined this bit of diaper clad role play.I just couldn't see myself getting a woody by taking a brown 25 in my drawers..Not always, but there are a few cases in which mental illness was the cause of this particular fetish, and in these cases, it's referred to as "regression"- the person regresses into their most needy state. I still dont understand how that is remotely sexual, if it is.... I truly believe ppl with weird fetishes,have them for a reason.I also appreciate that my lack of understanding or empathy does not limit anybody elses enjoyment of something - whatever it does for them. All I can offer is that it's:1) a degradation fetish- messing yourself in front of someone you know... Many have been sexually abused as a child,etc........

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