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It naturally follows that a member’s birthday would be considered the most important holiday of the year.Since forces of nature play a large role in this religion, equinoxes and solstices are also often celebrated.The Satanic Temple currently has about 40,000 members nationwide, Greaves said.Chapters have engaged in a number of campaigns supporting causes such as separation of church and state and free speech.So far, residents and business owners in Salem seem at ease with adding Satanists to the Witch City’s mixed bag of Wiccans, warlocks, and an array of faiths outside the mainstream.“We’ve received a total of four phone calls” about the temple, Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll’s chief of staff, Dominick Pangallo, said Monday.

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Dating back centuries, Satanism has been misunderstood by wide swaths of American society, Greaves said.

He does not struggle with how a religious moral code might affect his existence.

A great deal of what traditional religions consider evil and carnal—attributes of the “Dark One”—Satanists consider natural.

Satanists originally used a live nude woman with her head pointing southward as an “altar of the flesh” for rituals, although live altars are uncommon nowadays.

The male members don traditional black-hooded or cowled robes.

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