Running and dating tatuirovki pa godu i dating

My wife and I have a deal: every time she joins me for a run around the park near where we live, I buy her flowers.

I’m still not entirely sure why I agreed to this, but so far the arrangement hasn’t driven me to destitution. Being a runner who lives with a non-runner has its upsides.

The flip side is that the lunacy of running becomes more apparent when your partner is a nonparticipant.

After all, who returns home from early morning races, your significant other still fast asleep as you furtively climb back into bed like a sweaty philanderer.

Most of the time it’s because they’re not actually that fast. So when a guy is telling me about his awesome times, I either do not agree that the times are awesome, or I have a hard time compartmentalizing in my mind where that information should go because I don’t care. In high school, my coach used to tell us “be dumb, just run.” And while I know it does take a lot of mental strength and brain power to discipline yourself to be a good runner, there is this aspect to it that’s like, just move your legs faster. The winner of the entire race can wear it for awhile, but otherwise, you’d better just pass on wearing it all together.) In New York City, I see people wearing their marathon medals Which leads me to believe they’d be weird and obsessive in other areas. I mean when they go out for a run, they might not be back for hours and hours and hours.

But in honor of National Running Day, which is June 6, here’s what I’m sayin’: This is going to sound so bitchy, but I am not that impressed by most runners. And like most sports, I am pretty uninterested in talking about running anyway. I think they think they are better than everyone else, and that they have done something that mere mortals cannot do. (In short, a bad ranking in the race x a long amount of time spent under the medal = you’re a huge d-bag.

(You’ve had a fling with an uptown 5K—you and 5,000 other freaks.) I wasn’t always this dedicated. I started referring to my “weekly mileage,” like this was a normal thing to do.

You know when you can feel the couple next to you eavesdropping to guess what date you're on at the bar, and it's so uncomfortable? Do you find either running or dating to be kinda of torturous too?

OK, OK, even if it's really bad, I'm always kind of glad I did it afterward. OK, now that I've gotten the complaining out of my system, I'm vowing to keep it up with both running and dating.

Forget about dating, and that's when you'll find love. Related: People always say it will be worth it in the end but I'm not sure I believe them. (Hint: turtle speed.)I want to give up on both about a million times per second.

I started an eight-week Couch to 5K program about six weeks ago, which means I've been complaining for approximately, oh, six weeks. It's not just that I'm lazy, per se, it's that I've always preferred other forms of activity, like yoga or dancing or sitting on the couch with a box of Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its. Which kind of reminds me about how I feel about dating sometimes, especially when I was first getting back in the swing of it last year. In fact, they both always manage to hurt in new, unexpected ways. In the form of Advil for those shin splits; bourbon for heartbreak. Finding the right sports bra and shoes is proving to be as difficult a mission as finding the perfect comfy-yet-sexy combo for dates. I always dread the first minutes of first dates, just like I dread getting to the gym or stepping outside to run.

Hey, what's this constant sharp pain in my shins?

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