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As the reporting continues into the nude-photo scandal plaguing the Pentagon, The Daily Beast has learned that some of the Marines United descendant groups are not connected to the U. military at all, but are copycat groups set up by foreign nationals to profit from the original group’s notoriety.

On the private Facebook group Marines United 214, requests for nude photographs are met with demands for payment and links to the dark-web marketplace Alpha Bay, where the photo-sets are listed for sale.

And without the networking encryption you can’t get there.”Alpha Bay is not accessible through normal search methods, because it isn’t indexed by Google or other common web-browsing software.

A user must know the actual web address (URL) and to avoid detection use a TOR browser, which is an open-source, encrypted web browser free of tracking software.“Alpha Bay is nothing more than…

Calls for his comments on the harassment were not returned.

Screenshots obtained by The Daily Beast show Torres calling Woytek a “rat fuck” and a “dumb cunt,” and alleging that her nude photographs were given to the British Royal Marines and Australian military.

But it’s still on the same street, still on the same internet and connection and hardware, but the places are difficult to find.“That’s why it took almost three years for the task force working on Silk Road. They were able to identify him by the mistake he made in the open web.”Most of the new groups descended from Marines United continue to operate on the open web, often as private groups on Facebook. Justin Brewer posted a picture of himself wearing a Marines United T-shirt under what appears to be his Marine Corps desert camouflaged uniform, saying, “Driving onto base yesterday via Fallbrook gate [Camp Pendleton, California] and see a big electronic sign, said, ‘Exploited Online?Those similar in nature to the original Marines United chatroom who are still sharing photos include: Marines United 214, Marines United 3.0, Marines United 4.0, and Scuttle Butt. Call NCIS 760 blah, blah, blah.’ Me and my work partner started cracking the fuck up.Like night and day.”Meanwhile, the investigation into Marines’ online conduct continues to expand and take on new fronts, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) said. S Navy sailor, plus 29 Marines who may face non-judicial punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for conduct that is deemed “contrary to good order and military discipline,” but which does not violate federal statutes or warrant a military trial by court martial.Fifteen service members now face potential prosecution for their involvement in the Marines United nude-photo-sharing scandal: 14 U. Two active-duty Marines with Second Battalion, Fourth Marine Regiment, an infantry unit in California received punishments for online comments unrelated to nude-photo-sharing, The Washington Post reported; those Marines were demoted in rank and lost pay for comments denigrating a male Marine official.

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