Padma lakshmi and adam dell dating

Typically, high-profile, big-money family law cases settle before any papers are filed, but unmarried parents who do end up litigating in New York commonly go to Family Court, where cases are not displayed online.Furthermore, one of his lawyers spoke to the press immediately upon filing suit, making the details of this case as well-known as possible.Sir Salman Rushdie needed consoling every year he did not win the Nobel Prize for literature, and their marriage was marred by jealousy and insecurity, according to an explosive autobiography by his former wife Padma Lakshmi.The Indian-American model and judge on US television show Top Chef has lifted the lid on her three-year marriage to Mr Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses."Unambitious" Dell, by contrast, has an "extremely flexible" schedule and will put Krishna's "needs above his own." Some unusual details of this litigation show that Dell's goal is not to win in court.

The suit was drafted for two audiences—the public and Lakshmi. Litigation can cost millions of dollars in legal fees, and Dell has a lot more money than Lakshmi does.

Its message to the public is that Lakshmi is cold-hearted and promiscuous (she wasn't even sure who the father of her child was, after all). Second, by trumpeting his version of the story in the press and in the courts, he's attempting to mar Lakshmi's image and hurt her career as a cable host.

The plan seems to be backfiring: Instead of making him seem sympathetic, Dell's story of rejection just makes him seem vindictive.

Dell makes five requests ("causes of action") in his petition: an order of paternity; full custody; child support; that Krishna's last name be changed from Lakshmi to Dell; and a new birth certificate.

Two of these requests are noncontroversial, assuming Dell is Krishna's biological father: to be named her legal father and to be listed on her birth certificate.

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