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If you prefer Bitdefender's Autopilot approach, where the software makes all the decisions itself, you might have to spend a moment tweaking ESET's notification settings.

It may be lacking in security extras, but ESET NOD32's interface is still surprisingly bulky.

We quickly noticed another issue with ESET's desktop alerts.

These days it has a broad portfolio of products covering all the major platforms, and is used by 100 million customers all around the world.One issue I ran into with this, which was very easy to resolve.I watch a lot of movies on my PC, and I noticed going from full screen to non-full screen in my video player that Eset would keep popping up telling me there is an issue.There are buttons, and sidebars, and links, and windows, and it's hard to see why.The program isn't difficult to use – at a minimum, you click the scan computer button, and a scan is launched – but there are frequent irritations, from pointless desktop notifications to a scan results window that's too small to display the full paths of its files, and can't be resized.

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