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plus, i read a comment from a post (which had 100 likes so people agree to it) said that seolhyun said in hello counselor, "people who doesnt know history dont have any future." she said that herself and she didnt know one of the most important people in history of korea that practically saved korea and dying for korea. this controversy is like one of the most popular controversy right now and so i dont think this was a good time to release another song...

When referring to the "BDSM community," many people are all too likely to focus on BDSM's erotic practices and forget the "community." Fantasizing about BDSM can be sexy, but to bring many fantasies to life, you need a consenting partner — and beyond that, it's best to have a supportive, educational group of like-minded people.

The fact that they laughed during it, maybe to themselves for not knowing, doesn't make it worse.

Also no one in here gets mad over not knowing my country's important historical figures, so why should you knez.

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This may be reminding you of Fet Life, Internet home to 3,650,170 kinksters and counting.

Bye," and, "Just how much much did they give Naver that there is not a single article lololol there aren't even any comments about their comeback anywhere." They are just unlucky.

The whole lot of this controversies happened just a few days before their comeback.

They should have repented and postponed their comeback.

I can see their song falling on their charts after stores that played their new album closed up in the morning.

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