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You’re dating someone amazing, funny, beautiful and strong, who also has Type 1.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or worried, there is no need.

(That can be easily remedied with a high-sugar snack.) Candy and intercourse? Alcohol is one of the factors that can cause blood sugar levels to be more sporadic.

Check out our Booze Guide for how Type 1s navigate drinking alcohol safely. If we are ever passed out or unconscious, immediately call emergency services and react to the situation as if we were “having a low” or experiencing severe hypoglycemia.

If we are unconscious, you may have to administer emergency glucagon.

If we are conscious, fast-acting glucose needs to be taken immediately.

Most Type 1s know how to treat these circumstances and will do what they usually do to correct them.

POST-”FRIENDS” She was Jessica in the short-lived but critically acclaimed Fox show ”Andy Richter Controls the Universe.” Eddie Cahill DATED Rachel SEASONS 7 and 8 DATING TYPE The Boy Toy THE LOVE STORY Though she could have hired a more qualified female assistant, Rachel gives the job to pretty boy Tag instead.POST-”FRIENDS” She appeared in last year’s anti-Christmas-spirit comedy ”Bad Santa.” Hank Azaria DATED Phoebe SEASONS 1, 7, and 9 DATING TYPE The Star-crossed Lover THE LOVE STORY Folksinger Phoebe is irked when Hank chats with a friend during her performance, but she’s charmed to learn that he’s discussing her natural beauty. First David is sent to Minsk, Russia, on a research grant.When he later returns with a wedding ring, Phoebe choses Mike instead.By the time Richard changes his mind, Chandler has taken his place.FUN FACT In 1967, he appeared on ”The Dating Game.” Courteney Cox was 3 at the time. POST-”FRIENDS” He was the frustrated dad on the CBS TV movie ”12 Mile Road.” Lauren Tom DATED Ross SEASONS 1 and 2 DATING TYPE The Smart Girl THE LOVE STORY Having forced himself to get over Rachel, Ross hits it off with fellow paleontologist Julie during a dig in China.

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