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I recall that the food served in steering was pretty good.I do remember the ladies room was directly beneath the dance floor and the shaking and creaking of the floor boards made the the image of being on the Titanic all the more real.This will conveniently tie in with the 100th anniversary of the sinking on April 14, 2012. 3/22 Update: The Titanic mini-series launched in Canada on March 21st. In the UK the series will air on ITV starting March 25 at 9 PM, and in the US it will run on ABC on April 14 (Episodes 1-3) and April 15th.After one episode, I found the series lacking something, but it got better with age: my review.

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A Guide to Titanic Recipes: I have worked through the printed menus which survived the tragedy and there is something to inspire all cooks from first, second and steerage menus. Some of the recipes come from this great cookbook To order your own copy, click the applicable US, Canada and UK link.

The unthinkable happened: two heirs were lost at sea.

That the news would be relayed to them so quickly (well as quickly as a telegrams and a bicycle) by the family solicitors would make my father (the lawyer) proud.

Check the “Titanic Menu” tab at the top of this page to navigate to other posts on this subject. Here is what you might expect at a dining experience out, the chef inspired by this book.

Generally, everyone ate exceptionally well on Titanic, regardless of class: I actually attended a steerage event years ago whch was hosted by a local eatery/night club in an historial building.

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