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Who knew with just one hit, these two could do their part for women's lib?

Included on the ' Nutty Professor' soundtrack was a romantically graphic song called ' Last Night.' Recorded by the group AZ Yet, the track was quite risqué, even for a time when R.

Brownstone was signed to Michael Jackson's MJJ Music label, and while they had tons of promise, their real success stayed in the '90s. MJ's nephews formed 3T and proved to have quite the trifecta of voices. fans fell out of love with 3T, the young singers took their music overseas.

Changing Facescoined the phrase, "Do you mind if I stroke you up? The trio had brief success with their '95 debut, ' Brotherhood.' All sons of Tito Jackson, they made their mark with the single ' Anything.' The song topped the charts, but their time in the spotlight as a group was short-lived. However, with the Jackson last name, they can always make a comeback.

Their singles ' If You Love Me,' ' Grapevyne' and '5 Miles to Empty' were among the many songs from that era that showcased girls asking guys to prove their love.

Ladies everywhere could turn to ' If You Love Me' and demand some answers from their man. T.' which appeared to be a hybrid of the words "ghetto," "out," and "get out." Wouldn't it be cool to have Jay-Z reunite with members Cassandra Lucas and Charisse Rose on a new song? The late Michael Jackson and his siblings weren't the only ones in the family with the songbird gene.

Thankfully, the Boom Box hasn't forgotten the singers who crafted catchy tunes, if only for a moment.

Here are 15 R&B acts from the '90s that we miss.

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Somewhere, someone used the opening voicemail in Jade's hit ' Don't Walk Away' as their own outgoing message on their answering machines.

Hip-hop, we'll get back to you later.4PM were best known for the 1995 hit ' Sukiyaki.' The original was sung in Japanese and released in the '60s by artist Rokusuke Ei, who achieved some Billboard success with the single.

4PM, short for "For Positive Music," had a similar experience when they released the song in English more than 30 years later.

Kelly was bumping and grinding and Bobby Brown was humping around.

However, even in the midst of the naughtiness, this group got pretty poetic -- saying they saw the sun, moon, stars and heaven while romancing their lady.

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