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It is a conventional way of talking not directly to a man, but to his aura, so to speak, to a shadowy persona, la sua signoria, his lordship.” Don’t worry too much about this; I merely want to point out the existence of this phenomenon, which permeates social graces as well as the language.Just understand that Italians are big on formalities, politeness, and respect for age, social status, and titles.For the purpose of this article, let's assume that the couple in question is on a first date and searching for a real romance that will lead to a serious relationship.While this article has been written in the spirit of good fun, it is also meant to underline some common differences between men and women, and the cultures of Italy and the United States.” before launching into his or her series of questions and demands.

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Open the Door and Enter First This is a very tricky one, even for Italians.Don't be too fancy either, although any outfit clearly depends on where you're headed on your date.Something clean, put together, and up-to-date will do nicely.Until then, try to be aware of who you’re talking to and what strata of society that they belong to. Overdosing on courtesy forms and titles can still be very flattering to many Italians, whether it’s your boss or a beautiful woman (or her mother, if you get that far).

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