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And if you think of it like a contagion—say, the cougar flu—then Dallas is the hot zone of the outbreak. One of the first articles on cougars, in 2001, quoted a Canadian website that said women in their 30s who date younger men are pumas or cougar cubs, and they “graduate” into full cougar status upon hitting 40.

And if pop culture is any indication, these “cougars,” as the women have been dubbed, are indeed stepping from the shadows of love and enjoying their spotlight: recent acknowledgment of cougars range from an entire episode of 30 Rock with that title to a skit called “Cougar Den” on Saturday Night Live. Samantha Jones and the college student with the same name, Sam Jones (Sex and the City). Others say there are specific age brackets that cougars must fall into.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" had Jacob Black a character played by Taylor Lautner had said "Age is just a number baby." This is a dialogue that became quite famous simply holds true in several cases.

Many people are now aware of the term cougar dating that refers to an older woman with a younger man as companion.

Her husband leaned over to show her two women featured in magazine advertisements: one a model for Hawaiian Tropic, one for AARP. ” She chose freedom and a large settlement, enough to maintain her lifestyle: a summer home in Aspen, winter trips to Europe with her children, a Mercedes, a house near Highland Park Village. It’s not a trend that older women are dating younger men.

But it was on the plane flight where she made her most scandalous choice—a decision, in football parlance, to get younger at the position. The young man next to her asked what she was going to do in Vegas. He asked if she would ever consider going out with someone his age. That would suggest that, everywhere you look, professional women in heels are sharing bottles of wine with boys wearing big belt buckles and Chuck Taylors.

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