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Bishop Noel Jones was recently discovered to have fathered a child by singer Stacey Francis and was caught in a love triangle with longtime girlfriend Loretta and actress Lisa Raye, who actually jumped Loretta outside of Noel’s house.Membership had suffered and attendance had been down due to Noel not having been able to attend church in months.Check out our free and paid Singles Events To read more about our Dating Safety Tips click here.Safety advice Dating is fun but to ensure you do it in the safest way possible we have put together some golden rules to help you get the most out of your journey.Bishop Noel Jones has had some serious health challenges as of late with his back and then Cancer.According to insiders Bishop Noel Jones was discovered to have stage four prostate cancer and had to have his entire prostate removed to preserve his life.“She was hopeful that her mum was going to pull through after she came out of a coma.

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Although, he was said to have concerns due to the surgery possibly effecting his ability to perform sexually.

With an unintrusive, respectful camera, footage of Jones and the church's worship is contrasted with images that present the difficult life people of the community, many of whom are in Jones' congregation, have outside the warmth and joy of the church.

there is a interestign inter-action going on within this Documentary that goes into the Hood&shows the life of the people around the area of South Central LA. the Music was very up-lifting as the Reverend gave his Sermon&it made the people in the curch feel good.

Grace, who born in Jamaica and moved to Upstate New York as a small child with her family, touched on her rebellious youth growing up in Syracuse with her family in the 2015 book “I’ll Never Write My Memoirs.” A documentary about Jones’ life, “Bloodlight and Bami,” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last month.

This comes shortly after Bishop Noel Jones returned to his pulpit after being out for over three months.

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